Sweden – Land Of Contrasts

The Kingdom of Sweden (Sverige Konungariket) is one of the largest countries of Europe – the longest north-south distance is 1,600 km, which is about the Berlin-Moscow – and that's what makes the Scandinavian country to one of the most attractive travel destinations. Sweden can be roughly divided into three both topographic and the life-very different parts: northern, central and southern Sweden. Northern Sweden (Norrland), comprising three fifths of the total area of Sweden, is sometimes referred to as "Europe's last wilderness". The area extends from the Skander, the high mountains along the Norwegian border in the west over endless coniferous forests and bogs and is crisscrossed by many rivers, which originate in the mountains are flowing towards the Baltic Sea. Here is found with one of the most sparsely populated Lapland areas of Europe. In Lapland offers the rare opportunity on the Vildmarksvagen to watch Sweden's most famous tourist street, reindeer grazing and with a bit Fortunately there you can even bear watching in the wild. Amidst this natural environment is also Sarek, with over 5,200 square kilometers of the largest national park in Europe. At other possibilities for active holidays and nature lovers invites the region: ice fishing or fishing on one of the many lakes and hiking and biking in pristine nature make the north of Sweden for an unforgettable holiday destination for young and old.

For winter sports fans offer Central Sweden (Svealand), thanks to its northern location and its long skiing tradition, the ideal environment. In contrast to that found in southern Sweden (Gotaland) vibrant cities such as Malmo, the capital of the historical province of Skane, in addition to ancient Viking towns like Lund, which was founded in 990 by the Viking king Sweyn and now is with its many museums as a cultural center of the South . As a tip for crime fans is the town of Ystad, which is reached by the Wallander novels to pan-European awareness. found in the example Mariagatan 10 is the home of the fictional Commissioner Wallander. In Smaland, a historical province, there are also many other things that can be associated with Sweden. So there is the birthplace of Astrid Lindgren, Vimmerby, the famous author who has devoted a leisure and theme park with replicas of Lonneberga Others and the Villa Villekulla. In addition, you can around Vaxjo, let the "capital of the glass empire", in 14 traditional glassworks the subtleties show of glass processing and spend a traditional evening of Swedish music and Hyttsill in which the food in the still of the work warm metallurgical furnaces is prepared. In order to be mobile and knowledge of the country, it is advisable to rent an apartment or a house in Sweden and then individually to discover the secrets of Scandinavia.