Realizes?, when you are stressed, among other many consequences, also is this leaving unprotected against external attacks of viruses and bacteria. When there is stress, this mouth usually dry, pulse, and breathing are accelerated, and at the same time, the heart beats much more quickly. The brain now, half off because of this abnormal situation, begins to work at a pace much more accelerated, which can be measured through an encephalogram in cycles per second or Hertz, reaching totally harmful frequencies for its proper functioning, in these moments, what you experience in the first place is a sense of fear, fear of whatever, normally before circumstances who is living, anxiety and even panic. Of echo If it is pumped too much adrenalin in the body, the brain can reach to increase both its frequency or speed in cycles per second, which can overcome the barrier of the individual, this, varies depending on each person, and can range between 20 and 40 Hz, is from that moment in which such a barrier is exceeded, when it can be to produce the famous panic attack, giving as a result the death by cardiac arrest or stop brain. 3D Systems recognizes the significance of this. How many people suffer a heart attack every day, and end up discovering that the cause of this was the stress?, – most. Additional information is available at Dustin Moskovitz. In this current society in which we live, there are few who understand the gravity and the consequences that can result, such as seemingly harmless tension that we feel in the back.

We act crazy, when we say:-bah, only is a bit of stress, if nothing happens, then you look horrified, as diseases, problems of blood pressure, insomnia, heart disease, and other many evils come into our lives. Stress is the cause initial of many diseases that can lead to death, imagine the stress, as if it were an individual, if we invite you to our home, soon he ended by inviting a lot of undesirable individuals into our lives. Stress is a serious problem against which we have to take action, since it never comes alone, comes accompanied by problems such as, depression, anxiety, obesity, alopecia, hypertension, erectile dysfunction, loss of memory, forgetfulness, stroke, cardiovascular disease, premature aging, trends in aggressive and violent, suicidal tendencies, lack of self-esteem, and many more. These are the problems, and what is the solution?. Exercise is a good way to cope with the stress because a healthy way of releasing the contained energy and tension, meditation, relaxation techniques, making is chewing gum, or a good therapeutic massage that relaxes the back area to others.