In just a few minutes to the own homepage complicated home kits or special software is unnecessary. In just a few steps to create his homepage with the profile data once entered, to edit the content directly in the browser. Creative homepage times easily many creative and lack of time artists simply be with the technically complicated and not needs to confront customized homepage offers. Creartivi offers an absolute alternative that fast and simple website template makes possible immediately to go there with the own portfolio website online. A login at Creartivi, the user can simply insert the content of his portfolio homepage in his Creartivi profile and edit. That falls completely external home page kits or Web editors. The elaborate backup is taken over by the Creativi server.

Complicated data backups are unnecessary for the user. A homepage is once created, she can be from any Internet computer world you need only his user name or the E-Mail address and the associated password. Free version of the homepage design the portfolio home page was developed specifically for the needs of creators and artists. We want to make a cheap and easy website creation possible. With the homepage building blocks for hosting plans so far complicated’m Creartivi breaking up with its variant now chooses a different approach “explains Joachim von Freyhold, owner of Creartivi. The new home page noted the requirements and needs specifically of creative artists. That the Creartivi profile once deposited content to approximately 85 percent of the Portfolio homepage synchronizes.

The remaining content is to insert individually. Photo albums, videos or audios can be inserted in your own portfolio homepage. These can be linked to other social networks. Technical details such as number of structured pages and transfer volume users need worry no more. Creartivi makes it with his creative network, you can increase the success of the own portfolio website, by the artist and the creative with other networks. With the Creartivi home page, we want to offer creative and artists instead of naked features, increasingly complete solution packages with high commercial value and low entry barriers. For 2011/2012, we have planned additional modules for the Creartivi creative website, as further solution packages. The Creartivi portfolio website is free of charge.