The Finale Of The Taste Days 2010

Ilse Aigner and Johann Lafer invite to the cooking show after dinner chef Alfons Schuhbeck cooks food/Balingen Stadthalle Balingen, October 08, 2010 – the taste days 2010 run nationwide until October 9. Around 400 events on the topics of healthy eating, food culture, taste education and food production while offered in whole Germany. People should be excited again for a healthy diet and cooking with preferably seasonal and regional products. Our stores”, says Bundesernahrungsministerin Ilse Aigner at the opening event for the this year’s taste of days in Frankfurt am Main, are full of fresh produce from around the world. “However, many consumers no longer know what’s in our domestic products, when they are harvested and what wonderful dishes you can cook with them”. Partner of taste days are among restaurants and educational, cultural and scientific institutions and many associations, clubs and initiatives. The project was three years ago by the Food Ministry launched together with the chef Johann Lafer. At the end of this year’s taste days download Ilse Aigner and Johann Lafer to large Federal taste test”a.

“About 350 a cooking demonstration, vaudeville guests on Saturday, the 9th October at 13, in the GOP-Theater in Essen deposits and the award ceremony of our Association IN the FORM of Federal competition”. I was glad that the idea of Johann Lafer has found enough supporters. With the taste of days we want to show people what diversity on our fields, meadows and gardens matures and domestic food manufacturers produce what enjoyable products from this. We want to raise awareness for a healthy and enjoyable diet. Good and healthy food is not only fun, but also tastes, so Aigner further.” Busy cooks also in Baden-Wurttemberg. There, the star Cook Alfons Schuhbeck at the Town Hall of Balingen, perishes on Tuesday, October 12, 2010, p.m. 20, titled moments for Connoisseur”to give a lecture on healthy and tasty food and live to demonstrate his cooking skills. Invited by the companies Bizerba, the largest employer in the region, and supported by the Bavarian leader Moritz Kuffner, he will be the audience question and answer (ticket hotline: 07433-9008420). In the heart of the event, a lecture about healthy, tasty cooking and eating, as well as spices and their effect will be”, explains Claudia Gross, Director global marketing and communication at Bizerba. Editing plain text ONLINE on the Hamdan 27 53127 Bonn E-Mail: