Work People

'Disadvantaged chief' officer refuses to lead a group of people, created at a specific time to address urgent episodic task, saying its refusal by saying that he had no right to punish people who temporarily hit him in obedience, without which the alleged impossible to manage. 'Clown' Fans of the game are located in almost every school or workplace. Clown seeks to prove that he is eccentric, not of this world, science or the work given to him with difficulty, and simply do not need it. He laughs, entertained everyone and no one does evil. It gives him confidence, and it ceases to function fully, drawing on the satisfaction and joy in the Revitalization of his comrades when he appeared. 'Oh, what I'm good! " In order to raise their authority, respect for others used to call different versions of this game. This can be casually tossed the phrase about their progress, said the names of famous people allegedly close to the storyteller. Often by the applicant high authority to hear of his broad knowledge.

Most often, the psychological games interfere with the establishment of good relations between people and hinder any business, reducing the effectiveness of collective efforts. But people play in them, because they help maintain a certain level of self-esteem, sometimes getting the right to irresponsibility. How should the head to respond to a game of subordinates? Appropriate, ignoring the occupied Officer position, to find that sphere of activity where he was stronger than his colleagues, and to demonstrate his sincere respect for real progress. There are psychological recommendation v to have an impact on others, we must talk about what they want. Expression v dominant need of human nature. So, talk sympathetically with the 'Kazan' orphan ', to convince her that the responsible commission, which it is given, feasible for her. Give possibly higher recommendation 'player', and he will justify it. Express confidence that he will cope with the job and succeed. Almost everyone is making efforts to ensure that the support that reputation, which it honors.