Work And Culture

Summary: To analyze the mitolgicos aspects gifts in verbal, counted histories for our ancestor, represents a way practical and objective to propagate the culture of our city. Moreover, when comparing the analogies gifts in verbal history Brs of the Light with the culture Greek and literature, we will be extending our knowledge and discovering the existing fantastic universe in other languages. The focado verbal character is a tool that will extend the meanings gifts in history. One becomes important to study the myth and literature, therefore both are of certain form, linked. It was from the necessity of if counting histories and if making ouviz them that the myth appeared; but it was only propagated on account of the birth of the literature, that came to recount them and inseriz them in the magical world. Word-key: Myth.

Literature. Analysis. Brs of the Light. Either to tell the creation of the world, the existence of supernatural elements, the reason of the life to be repleta of cycles or, even though, religious aspects, the myth is present in ours day-by-day. Early or late, we are receiving of mitolgicas histories that our ancestor count in them and that we continue to count to the friends and/or to our children, leaving the present myth always in our lives. ' ' The myth is extremely complex a cultural reality, that can boarded and be interpreted in multiple perspectives and complementares.' ' 2 Or still, the myth ' ' it is a tradition that, under alegrica form, leaves to see indistinctly a natural fact, historical or filosfico.' ' 3 Having as characteristic easily observed, the orality, the myth can appear even though of truthful facts, but that for also having been recounted many times and for adding to it, to perhaps, metaphors, feats, its sort suffers an modification. The myth is present in history ' ' Brs of the Luz' ' (in annex), either for meaning culture or being a verbal fact, after all these two characteristics are gifts in that one.