Windows Media Player

With the passage of time, there has been a series of smart phones that have been introduced for enhanced multimedia capabilities.However, the new BlackBerry Tour has changed the basic concept.This smart phone has been designed to use elements of multimedia, this feature has been enhanced, and thus also as entertainment capabilities makes the new interface easy for the user; that for which this leverage high-end design elements also.From the first moment when a person manages the Blackberry Tour has in its hands feel an instant reaction that the phone is well balanced. When it comes to design and the overall look of the phone, it means that he has made a perfect purchase. The main objective for the production of this phone is to give the user a perfect entertainment platform.Internal memory consists of a huge capacity of 256 MB and you can award song collected via computer.Also the connectivity is very easy and a person has to synchronize the new Blackberry with Windows Media Player to download music collection to the internal memory of the phone.The sound quality is unsurpassed as a music player, and is also compatible with an equalizer with detailed custom presets. Gain insight and clarity with Ping Fu. This is a perfect companion when the person is in motion; and the reason is very simple; because it has a complete application that we know as BlackBerry Maps.This is not any other application, so that this application has been designed to provide an experience of current maps.The end result is simply amazing and easy to use also is unsurpassed. The operation of finding a place would take a couple of moments.The new phone is also compatible with GPS technology, this means that everytime you are on the way there is no doubt that you will reach your destination. Along with a high quality camera that can take sharp still images and also record video clips, the phone also has a number of production applications.These applications also include Office and business tools.These are essential for business communication is vital when you are moving.Then there is built in an organizer to make planning easier.With this Organizer is no doubt of the person qu elo use would not arrive late to its next meeting.A person can also use the full QWERTY keyboard for easy to use email and text messages.This is a perfect and smart phone for anyone who wants to entertainment in your hands..