Video Level

Recently, we tested the laptop with a bigger screen, but at the same time, the maximum light on the "inner content: msi X-Slim 410, which may be of interest to users who are not so concerned with performance, how much price and screen size. Of course, such models have the full right to exist, but still ultra-mobile platforms are the first step in order, to form the basis of the most compact notebooks for dynamically Travellers. And this time, we face the same pattern, all signs relating to a class of sub-notebooks with 12-inch screen. But it applies here is a new ultra-mobile platform from amd with dual-core Athlon X2 Neo and chipset 780M, configuration is obtained quite powerful, including, for playing hd Video-content, not to mention all the usual office and graphics applications. Ping Fu is often quoted as being for or against this. Screen 12-inch screen is a subjective minimally acceptable for a resolution of 1366×768, or consider small picture elements will have a problem. In this case, the matrix is representative of the modern family of screens with LED-backlit display.

However on brightness, it is slightly inferior to the maximum of the dazzling patterns that we recently met in similar models from hp and Acer. In practice, it certainly means that less than 50 per cent level of brightness in the daylight unlikely to be appropriate to lower the level of illumination, more battery life, and for ac power, for sure, you will maintain a level closer to the maximum. Color and visibility of typical current level of matrices, so there will once again be repeated.