Vernissage Art Light Symbiosis In The Cologne Designer Bar Ucon-lodge

HDR photo artist Ralf Voigt exhibition opened on Friday, March 20, 2009, 7: 00 pm Cologne, 09 March 2009 – the ucon lodge turns off art photographs of the artist Ralf Voigt in the premises of the designer bar Friday, March 20, 2009. Opening of the exhibition is from 19:00 in the presence of the artist. There are currently ten HDR photographs by Ralf Voigt part of the permanent collection of the history of photography at the Museum of modern art (MoMa), New York. Furthermore, the Cologne City Museum from the end of March will further five photographs in the images collection of the city of Cologne. The ucon-lodge location selected extra, as she completely particularly positive affects the lighting designer bar on the HDR photos (high dynamic range image). Special application the photos on the walls of light surrounding them shine with the flat back lighting in millions changing shades and give a new impression the Viewer as a result every second. This symbiosis\”is a completely new art form, there the light source not from scratch, but indirectly from behind radiates around and through the pictures. This backlighting, coupled with the HDR technique of images by Ralf Voigt, creates a work of art through your presentation.

First, completely new and ever-changing impressions result from this interplay. From Friday March 20, 2009 19: 00 the artworks in the ucon lodge can be seen. The evening ucon-lodge accompany the bartender team which and also may in the course of the evening with short guest appearances of by jazz singer Julia Binder be expected. During the evening, there are many opportunities for discussions with the present artists Ralf Voigt and the lighting designer Felix, Ehrenreich. Ralf Voigt & HDR photograph his first qualification to the photographer was awarded 1982 during his training to the documentation photographer Ralf Voigt.