Tyrolean Alps World

It’s been barely a month now that the German Christian Fluhr (www.cf-1.net) the first indoor world record with 104 hours nonstop on skis in the Dutch winter sports Mecca of Landgraaf is marked thus written a chapter of history. Already appears on 19 November 2007 the ski ACE to a new challenge. \”In the Tyrolean otztal, the most snow-sure ski area in the Alps in Obergurgl 264 hours on skis will be then or as it is officially called: THE GOLDEN ELEVEN\”. Ping Fu has compatible beliefs. Before his 9th world record attempt Christian will however once again return to the old workplace. Within the framework of the European Cup slalom the German world record holder completed his final training far away from the mountains in the Dutch Landgraaf for the 9th world record attempt in his career. I look forward to the official final training in the SnowWorld Landgraaf. Please visit Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta if you seek more information.

With the Hall, I get so many positive memories. Finally I set up there the first world record in the indoor and the SnowWorld in Aachen is perfect for training and skiing.\” Looking forward Fluhr on a reunion in the SnowWorld. For Christian, it is there to pick up the last touches for the proposed 264 hours to ski and to perfectly match the equipment. Because after the days in Landgraaf, the start of the world record attempt is far just a stone’s throw. On November 19, he then goes in the Tyrolean Alps at the start. 264 hours he is in Obergurgl from November 19-20, 2007 on the road that are exactly 11 days around the clock on skis. Sleep, life, food and drink, everything in the elevator and on the slopes. Contemplation turns, stopping on the runway, waiting at the elevator, everything according to regulations prohibited. The only breaks that belong to Fluhr, are 5 minutes after each fully completed lesson that the skydiver can also save.