Tinnitus – Hearing Loss With Consequences

Tinnitus causes tinnitus far-reaching problems one minute it comes to the next only to the acute hearing loss, accompanied by a dull feeling in the ear. Used to love called Manager syndrome, today already long not only affects it executives, but extends through all layers and even ages. The exact cause of a sudden loss of hearing is unclear as its consequence, the tinnitus. Once it was a circulatory disorder of the inner ear as the primary cause. This resulted in an undersupply of the cochlea of the cochlea – with nutrients and oxygen as in a heart attack. The result is a defect on the small hair cells, which are responsible in the cochlea for converting sound into an acoustic stimulus. However often is a cause: the stress.

By tinnitus sufferers are usually long under permanent stress. A sudden deafness may occur after extreme stress situations. A sudden deafness is interpreted by the psychosomatic strain response. A sudden loss of hearing can a possible Breaking reaction of the soul? And the sudden deafness is left untreated or he proves to be resistant to treatment, tinnitus in the head can be. A permanent noise in the ear, can be the time of down, times up and manifests itself differently: As a buzzing, beeping and whistling. This is especially annoying when the sleep or if it is still around to one. Depending on the duration of tinnitus physician distinguish 3 types of tinnitus in the head. Acute tinnitus is for three months, the subacute tinnitus is for three to 12 months and chronic called a tinnitus, which is already longer than twelve months.

Tinnitus also can be divided into the head tinnitus in varying degrees of severity: the compensated tinnitus (grade I-II): the person concerned perceives the ear noise, but can handle. There will not be health problems, quality of life is not affected. Level 1 there is no suffering, at degree 2 the ear noises occur mostly in silence, reinforced at stress and Load. The Decompensated tinnitus is classified in grade III and IV. The tinnitus in the head has significant impacts on the health and generates a high disease pressure in the affected. Sustained impairment in the private and professional life, coupled with other symptoms such as concentration problems, muscle tension, sleep problems or social withdrawal – III are referred to as level. Grade IV patients perceive the tinnitus in my head constantly and feel it as a disease that greatly affected the professional and private life. Additional health problems increased. The causes of tinnitus are varied and can be both the brain and the ear due. Inner ear: noise-induced hearing disorder such as acoustic trauma or hearing as well as the Presbycusis, medicines, a previous Horsturz, Meniere’s disease, high blood pressure which the inner ear leads to a decreased blood flow or a tumor of the auditory nerve.