The Youth And Generation Can Beer

Youth and generation can beer versursu society and culture. Generation “Dose beer.” Dr. Wagner Paulon 2010 research has shown that almost all young people to drink large amounts of alcohol in particular beer, slightly more than 70% between 15 and 17 years. The amazing thing is that a lot of people want to get drunk on their own. Alcoholic was not differed it under the young fashionable in the social strata. Wherever you go, regardless of the hour, day, year, place, or whether it is day or night, there are many young people with the infamous “beer in the hand can. The bars in the proximity of schools, colleges, and universities with drunken students and others be filled in the manner, and also the famous “dose beer.” These people don’t have that their behavior the ill-fated “Tin beer in any case to wear, whether it’s festive, religious, social or school (birthdays, weddings, school sessions trying to study and so on.)” Is ridiculous and extremely aggressive for the Society? People who do this are reasons for the teasing and the role of the “court jester”, do not know how much damage they do to their decency and character. The setting to constantly wear “can of beer in the hand is one of the main causes of the destruction of the dignity, self respect, responsibility, honesty and reliability to the next.

You can’t trust a person who always meets “Tin beer in hand, derive so quickly that the person is drunk frequently.” It seems even that beer and his box with culture, education, dignity, respect, school, College, future, family, children are eventually synonymous to “God Almighty”. Young people under the influence of alcohol are associated in a weak position (weakened, exhausted, low awareness), are subject to attacks and acts of violence and vandalism. Researchers say eating one of five per cent seventy (70%) of young people aged between 15 and 17 years, who drink usually more than ten Drinks or canned beer, and more than 25% have more than seven drinks or canned beer. Almost 28% of high school students are drunk. Young people forget or ignore, that getting drunk can often come sooner or later sequels, that affect the brain, behavior to make the psyche, the liver, stomach, and probably also the sexual potency. There are large numbers of young people and adults smooth claim that alcohol is not a drug, but are sadly mistaken, alcohol is a drug and leads to death.

Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages is also responsible for the increase of teenage pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, to increase the share of rape, sexual violence, car accidents and violent deaths out of place. Through the endless media bombarded are every day, hour, and minute of advertising materials, the alcoholic beverages encourage in particular beer with enthusiasm, passion, passion, power, praise, enthusiasm and dedication, without however it is as a product hardly dangerous for the health. It is understandable that young people have fun alcohol to see as a pass for joy, happiness, success, power, to relax some, to love, to obtain better and Superman. It is thing the parents, school, Church, family, State and society to ensure that the education of young people and information wise, honest and above all directly consumed on the harmful effects of alcohol wild and maintain without limit.