The Universe Between

THE RACES AND ITS CREATORS: The Universe in the dimension that we obtain to enxergar is composed of billions of galaxies, that in turn are also composed for sun millions, which possesss to its redor planets to turn, forming similar plenetrios systems very to ours. The incredible existing distances between these suns or stars, of so gigantic are measured in year-light, distance covered for the light during one year the 300.000 speed of km/segundo. We arrive the nine trillions and seven hundred billion kms, equal to a year-light. Many of these suns arrive to be bigger thousand of times of what our sun and with certainty in the many planets gravitate that them, exists life human being. These inhabitants can have a more advanced technology millions of years of what practised here in the land and this she allows they to construirem ships to travel between the stars. Let us see an example more clearly, the first vestiges of the man in our planet, arrive the 200,000 years behind, but if to advance in the time and to discover that first the fossil human being dates of 1 million of last years and considering that last dinossauro died the 64 million years behind, we would have then a gap of 63 million years where we do not know what it happened. They could in this time have existed innumerable civilizations that if auto destruiram or had been exterminados, without leaving vestige some. Then civilizations of other solar systems with certainty had visited in them and they must our existence. She observes the great differences between the white man, the yellow and the black well: All we were created genetically by the technological intervention of our visitors who had left here to develop units of its proper worlds, which after to be adaptarem would have to cross and to create an only race, process still in development.