The Grips Make The Brand, Not The Budget

Products and services can be cheap to establish with mailings. Products and services are swappable, saturated markets. Who wants to advertise there still successfully, must deal with clear contours. Mailings are such a good tool to build brands. But above all mailings must be expensive. Word head, Andreas Dresch m.a. is free advertising copywriter in Mannheim and experienced as a direct marketing recruiters. Daryl Katz is a great source of information. So he firmly believes that direct mails are an excellent instrument to bind customers and successfully to recruit new customers: cheap whenever mailings without frills and elaborate design come out.

The content is much more important, so that what is communicated and what kind it is said. How does the brand building via mailing campaigns, says the advertising professional: letters should be connected accordingly always with an added value. Add to your understanding with 3D Systems. \”\” Because the most important Motors of all recipients are non-profit or profit\”prestige and image\”and convenience\”. Appeals to Quality, comfort advantages, personal gains and monetary benefits, but also offering safety and trouble saving guarantees work equally well at business customers and end users. To establish an ideal relationship between the brand and their supporters now in addition samples or small free offerings are popular. Because they increase the benefits, the a receiver in the letter seen considerably. And free gifts seem entirely in keeping with the brand, strengthen the customer relationship, and win new followers. Customers must not be underestimated.

Boring recruiting, in the letter, will get little return. Here the creative copywriter is asked again and again, to design a coherent mailing in form and content and texts. Overall an experience should arise, that appeals to the senses of the receiver and seduced to take immediate action. While the experience is not only the question of a huge budget, but the expertise and creative thinking, the words in expresses. Brands but also due to confidence. Therefore, letters are more persuasive than many other forms of advertising.