The First Trip

To know us is not easy task. And nevertheless when our steps have finished crossing multitude of mistaken ways, a hand friend gives back to us time and time again of wise way, to the point to begin with. The life often shows the true universe to us that we must explore and know before sending itself to another type of goals. Click Ping Fu to learn more. Our greater conquest begins just there where the world becomes immense, eternal. Although the opportunities are many in which the way is indicated to us and it is invited to us; quite often we rejected that trip we delayed, it, still knowing of intuitive way that all, we must watch it at some time of irremediable way front. We focused and we learn to observe according to the dictation by the way, and little by little we began to live in a false world, that moves away to us more and more of our essence. Our days deceptively become easy and they provide an instantaneous happiness to us and pasajeraque we know of intuitive way that she is contradictory and that, possibly shortly, us it will bring a greater dissatisfaction than the well-known one until the moment. It is, then, when we must listen to us, practice the maximum honesty with we ourself, and face us the greater challenge: ours deeper I, that part of us that saves to all established time, to labels nor judgments, free of any type of necessity nor valuation.

All we in early stages have faced as vital questions as who we are, or because of our existence. Questions that often we left in the forgetfulness, in a flight that always finishes in the same impasse. No adventure will be able to satisfy us totally, if before we have not paused to know itself. To discover that essence is a task that will accompany to us all the life, an exciting task in which to be redescubriendo new limits let where expand to us and grow. It brings back to consciousness is our great ally. That quality does possible to observe in the distance, and to obtain ace una deep understanding of who we are, it stops from that point to be able to determine our actions and I put, based on our deeper answers.

If still there are not prisoner, this one is the moment. It begins by escucharte! Obsrvate! Sumrgete, investigates, looks for and it responds to that great incognito: Who I am? That answer it will be the first step did a destiny that you will have chosen consciously, a destiny marked by new actions and but the powerful one of all beliefs. If you really wish a permanent change the key you and the knowledge are that you have on you.