The Comeback Of The Pin Up

Femininity will be again socially acceptable after a pause of about 40 years Germany is again haunted by the pin up fever. What was known previously only in the retro scene is finally socially acceptable. No good more than retro model Sari, which makes only photos in the style of the 1930s to 1960s for over 4 years. “Years of work pays off at last. Get all the facts and insights with 3D Systems, another great source of information. The subtle eroticism of the pin up is finally more attention.” What is it? “Sex has become so pervasive that we are apathetic towards her. Pin up is not only room for imagination, but has his own sense of humor. Women love it even more than the men.

The pin up is not a damned thing more but pure fun. “The media also show more and more interest in this new development, which actually is a ur German thing.”Many think pin up is an American thing. Which is not so. When the American soldiers from the first world war returned home they had often German and French postcards with more or less clad ladies in the luggage. This time marketing strategists quickly realized, that there is a “need for beautiful women”. Quick were pin up magazine published and advertised all possible products with appropriate drawings and photos.” Last but not least, DITA von Teese and their international success helped the pin up to a second spring. Sari appreciate it. “I have many interesting offers and new projects of which I had not even dreamed four years ago.

In August, I stand in front of the camera for a Germany-wide campaign and organize a start-up workshop for aspiring young PIN pin ups, I work with calendar with exotic animals, on a charity in September and will see also the one time or another in the media to be. Also I will sell your own designs in my online store.” It was not always easy for the 27-year-old pin up pioneer. “When I made my first pin up shoots 4 years ago few could do something. Today virtually every model and every photographer has also retro photos in the portfolio.