The Cat Skeleton

The cat is well known by everyone is an animal possessing great agility and unmatched flexibility, this is because the whole structure of his body has been designed with unique features that give you great qualities and make it unique, it has very well located with muscles that give strength, the tail plays a major role in the balance, his legs have great strength and endurance, but all these features are accompanied by a large set of bones that form the skeleton of the cat, which has all the qualities for which the entire structure of the cat acted in an appropriate manner as, that makes it so suitable for high altitude jumps and always fall perfectly and also give you great qualities for hunting. Thus the skeleton of the cat but is smaller than that of humans contain many more bones, so humans only have 206 bones that make up the skeleton, while the cat's skeleton is made up of 230 bones, but also if bones have supernumerary, would total approximately 282 bones, the skeleton of the cat is particularly flexible, is also very light, one of the frills that helps a lot has to have great agility, is the collarbone which is located between the front legs are is equipped with a small cartilage, allowing you to very easily pull the front legs and have this peculiarity in the conformation of the skeleton of the cat, is that it has so much agility, pelvis and shoulders It is found attached to the spine in a much more comfortable and loose than that of other quadrupeds, which gives much more freedom in the movement, something that has always been a source of admiration and wonder about the cat, it always can fall from great heights without any problem without hurting and always be liked, which is due to the skeleton of the cat has a very flexible spine, which allows you to spin through the air and having a flexible spine, the muscles can relax and turn more easily, thus greatly minimizes the impact of fall, falling support for the legs do not receive as strong for the impact of the fall, the special Garcia has the skeleton of a cat. In short, the cat's skeleton is a skeleton very flexibly and as an extra help to high capacity for movement, has some items that have a high level of rotation, which allows you to rotate the limbs both prior and subsequent almost by probavilidad full of dislocations and is almost zero and for this reason also is that you can see the tail in any position, as you can see the skeleton of that cat apart from being the livelihood of the cat's body structure to provide a frame of protection against blows to his softer parts, has great qualities that give agildad and flexibility throughout the body from the skeleton of a cat..