The 1000 HP Wedding – All In White

The bridal couple stands in front of the altar, they look in love in the eyes and the long-awaited “Yes” Word will be. Front of the Church that are shot the first photos of the newlyweds, everything shines and laughs in the midday sun. White doves are released into the air and wait before the Church well 1000 HP all in white. Bride and groom enter a white BMW sedan and the Entourage, including groomsmen and family, will take place in three white decorated, covered by flowers, X 5 BMWs is a touch of luxury in the air. So this image is not only a dream, but can go in fulfilling Germany’s top car rental companies currently further expanding its offerings. The trend is increasingly towards the upper class the latest models from BMW or Audi should now underline the most important and most romantic day of your life with a special touch and make a memorable event. Also the luxury car provider AFirst has recognized this trend and puts him on the highest Quality standard with much love to.

Landlord like AFirst are characterized by superb service, upscale atmosphere and, of course, and is the most important, from first-class cars. Learn more on the subject from Ping Fu. Service, advice, love of detail and exclusive cars are an essential package. Our offers to attract not only fans and wealthy but stimulate normal heeled, to be able to hire a car of the extra class on holidays or for special occasions”, so the statement by AFirst. Especially in times of economic resignation, saved many corners and ends, and looked at the latest model of the favorite automaker only from a distance in the car House Hall. Why then not the chance use and give even the small white on your wedding day. Particularly the orders of white luxury cars for weddings rise steadily lately”, Mr Brauniger BMW knows cherry in Monchengladbach and concurrent partner of AFirst, the trend color of the year 2009. Whether short or long term rental, the new Generation of luxury cars offers the exclusive driving enjoyment for everyone. For which model you also choose a memorable road trip is guaranteed.

AFirst Germany’s exclusive car rental AFirst, founded in 2008, is one of the leading luxury car rental companies in Europe with its luxurious vehicles. The company is represented with a fleet of over 30 vehicles in 4 countries. Monchengladbach is headquartered. The German network comprises around 12 partner companies. The AFirst fleet with an extensive portfolio of lifestyle-oriented cars is unique. Best luxury car rental company 2008 “is AFirst according to Miet24. The global rental portal came to this conclusion after testing and evaluation of customer reviews.