Thailand WAhRe Love

the cult book Edition 2008 now also in Germany available WA(h)Re love 2008, the title of and newly stored is. What is in this book a never-ending story in ever new variations: the stressed European workaholic holidaying in Thailand, in love with a prostitute, and all fuses burn out. Or on the love market disadvantaged, who feels at last recognized as a man. He finds himself but unfortunately not about adequate country eggs\”(matching at least intellectually and outside partners) from which he could be maybe happy as a sought-after freelance he would select Yes. The relocation to Thailand increases its value on the love market. This in itself realistic knowledge is manipulated as by the clever ladies in psychologically clever style that which feels delinquent as a customer, but only as a benefactor and even loved. Incorrect assessment of the market situation is a prerequisite for Losses. Sometimes they are, but even the real country eggs\”that pretty good gravy.

They make up for their external blandness by excellent service and technology. The overwhelmed Farang give you the feeling to have discovered a hidden gem. That he maybe just as long, held happy until the House, car, motorcycle and TV are paid, not doubts him. The expulsion hits him unprepared. Very often, an evil intention etc. do not even behind in the home loss.

The Farang (not very respectful term for Western foreigners in Thailand) behaves properly, then it can be Yes. He did his duty to do: to get the family alive and make sure. Attacks on them for the protection of privacy are Narsi (contrary to the common standard of behavior) and provoke the expulsion. Anyone who prohibits the mother or the brother of the woman to take something out of the fridge, a risk that this as an attack on the highest good, the family,. is considered to be.