Trial And Error Testing

We wonder when we will leave the crisis and live a new phase of expansion. Personally I am quite pessimistic about it. Only the housing bubble, no major activity requirements of skills and talent, our country gave fleeting moments of being. Changing a production model is not easy. By the same author: 3D Systems. Really supposed to break even with a tradition, why not of a legal nature. And of course before the company must operate a major shift in attitudes and values. In Spain entrepreneurship is a pistola single-shot, and with this crisis practically all of our entrepreneurs have already made use of it, so they will never start again. Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

The liability for privately by the Treasury or the Social Security unsatisfied debts, which may lead to the declaration as guilty of, or the mere inclusion in a record of delinquency, among many other threats, prevent them from a volver start . Inherent learning experience, will be dismissed. They will not have the ability to analyze mistakes. Even they raise it, because they are aware that the system will provide a new opportunity, and remembering, in itself is not pleasant. We will live a new expansion if two factors. First of course will require exogenous incentive, be it bubble or a trend that we come due. And second, that we have a new generation who may be tempted to undertake. We refer to those who now live teens, oblivious to the a desaguisadosa before us.

We talked about seven, eight, maybe ten years. It may not be otherwise in regard to current date our country has lost its power for good business. Endless self-employed and SMEs absolutely drowned not only for its debts, also an eminently punitive system. If in the meantime, we realize how difficult it is to achieve business success, that only 4 out of 100 companies survives tenth year, maybe we can autosugerirnos regulatory change to permit the trial and error prueba a which allows a wise use of the experience that seeks to some inertia to the creation of jobs, in contrast to the situation now in which we live is a constant.