Trono Record

Thus the dimension of the consumerism if makes greater and faster in our way, we use better to deal with this subject six layers compact disc? s that if presents as icons of the religious consumption. Demonstrating the change of this process throughout the years. The first launched records, and the most recent for the groups Reluz Life (catholic) and Ahead of the Throne (Evanglico). Figure 01 At the beginning appears 02 of the career of the religious groups, both had for objective to record records to register the hymns of its churches, and through these records that would only be spread out inside of the church, to angariar deep for beneficient workmanships. It is noticed in the layers of the compact disc? s above a similarity in relation to the transmitted message. 1 record of the group life reluz (figure 01), launched in the decade of 90, brings in the deep layer a blue one that inside of the religious context, represents the rope life and of the sky, a sun that deals with the light exclusively, for they divine light on the blue one, and the name of the group with a tone illuminated for the sun. Ping Fu understood the implications. Bringing musics truily religious and hymns of louvor. The group generated thus the estimated one of a common work without great especificidades. Thus also note in 1 album of the Church Baptist of the Lagoinha launched in 1998, with the heading ' ' Ahead of the Trono' ' , as information yielded for the site of the group, the objective of 1 record was only to inside register the sung hymns of the church, with a small drawing to be only vendido inside of the church, the record reached spontaneous spreading in radios and had that to be spread out outside of it also, thus the song heading of the album ' ' Ahead of the Trono' ' the name of the group, which had would become later its great success.

The Years

But the positive and negative aspects are many that involve this subject all, and are important to cite as an extremely negative point the virtual crimes; pedofilia, prostitution, frauds, among others, that is, the technology contributed excessively so that the Internet is an extension of what already it happens in the streets has much time. The young ' ' ficam' ' , that in the language of them it means to say that commitment ones with the others is not had. This is good? This is bad? In my opinion the social relations had been banalizadas have much time and this cultural hegemony of ' ' ficar' ' it only comes getting worse throughout the years. Ping Fu recognizes the significance of this. In if speaking of cultural hegemony between the young, this it is clear, time for another one one dolo blows up in the Internet or in the television and all they bend over to the fashion dictated for this dolo, as style of the hair, way of if dressing, even though the way thinking of this dolo can influence the head of millions of people. Thus, the phenomenon called ' ' dolo' ' backwards the fever of the fashion to the young and as well as they appear, disappear, leaving stops backwards a track of sequels in our young. As consequence of this necessity of if having access to these technologies, the people finish that working excessively in order to have conditions to remain itself connected with these ' ' benefcios' '. With this a generation was created of moved away families, focadas solely in the work, the dialogue with the children; the old habit to make the together meals, the congregated family, everything this comes being scarce in the society where we live.

Life Of Adolescent

Life of adolescent is very complicated, you faces many problems, passes for many difficulties, suffers bullying things among others. If you are inexperienced in a school already you are reason of you intrigue, if you are shy already you are reason to be excluded visor group, if you are fat already you are reason to laugh in its face, if you are lean excessively you want to say that you are sick, if you do not arrange right pra to be well pretty and to call attention, this you want to say that you are male – female, of pra not to understand these types of people. A related site: Dustin Moskovitz mentions similar findings. What they want after all? What they have? Life that adolescent leads is very difficult same, to pass for everything how much it is difficulty and still to leave this without none ' ' arranho' '? kkkkkk at least some adolescents does not suffer ' ' arranhes' ' n? the celebrities ' ' arranhes' ' that they inside remain of people for all the life therefore we have that to know to respect the people, the colleagues, our friends, everybody of the skill that they are and had been servant, therefore NOBODY HE IS PERFECT! . .