Elizabeth Taylor

Girls attention if your gallant by X reasons cannot comprarte a ring of 10, 20 or 30 more carats, there is no problem, for that God did not give ojitos, with seeing the ring of the others we can calm a little our hunger, although also it can pass the opposite, but in equal aim it has I go to you Obvious in the life of most famous of the international spectacle the ring they are, as to say it to tomb ebullient morals, that is to say, but it is certain well under most expensive, one that another one does not have much grace, girls we begin to speculate on First in the list it is Elizabeth Taylor, with telling that the aforesaid ring had a value of $305.000 eye with 33 carats, by God nor all together properties them. Still it maintains the record from 1968 to own the ring by which one has been pleased more. In the second place this Beyonc Knowles, if the one of Single ladies, she owns the second most stunning one of Holliwood and goes that it is worth that title, it has nothing else and nothing less than 18 carats and costs the reasonable sum of 250 thousand dolarillos. And like in this life does not have according to gives without third, Jennifer Lopez, if it who besides having it everything has anillaso of although 8 thousands carats is worth 120 dolarines, that Barbarian does not devastate yet to its step. Katie Holmes, is fourth in this modest ranking, with a ring of 12 carats and a value of 300 thousand dollars, nothing else and anything less, but with the silver that has Tom I who Katie I had requested more, ja ja ja lie The villa in the list is Mariah Sea turtle, if you do not know bscala in google has you find out to you, I I did the same, she has a ring of 17 carats and 275 thousand dolaritos, nothing badly Original author and source of the article