Every day the world changes in a precipitous manner and what yesterday was the more usual morning is something old-fashioned or outdated. The same happens with the computer, something that you buy in August, in November is already outdated. This is spreading to the world of Commerce, every day more innovates in the way of offering products to consumers by vendors, formerly us desplazabamos to the point of sale to purchase a product, but now in a few seconds we can buy it and have him home the same day. All this thanks to the internet, with just a click you have such a wide range of products that virtually no need to leave the House to the reach of your hand this trend of buying without going to the point of sale is changing especially in luxury goods, consumers of these require a personalized and quality that a web page cannot offer them. But as the majority of consumers are not products of luxury or high price-oriented, internet is a feasible and cost-effective way to offer products or services through the network. Although the costs of shipping the products may make them, must take into account that it is a product unique or scarce so that higher cost supplies the need of having it. Therefore the best thing to sell on the internet would be electronic products: software, e-books, guides in a way that, if you are thinking of creating a business I personally recommend to take into account the option of doing so on the internet, a platform of launching vast and long reach.