How To Conquer A Woman

According to the definition of the Real Academia Espanola, conquer means win the will of someone or bring it to your party. Based on this definition, you can understand why when love is spoken, speaks of conquest. How to seduce a woman believed means influence in such a way that their will starts to lean towards the man in question. At that time, he has earned it, has managed it, by his will, decides to take sides by the lucky individual. Well, now you wonder: how to achieve that? Making another person decide by their own initiative be with one? Because we could draw a parallel with the other meaning of the term conquer that he proposed the Royal Academy, more associated to their military significance, but by no means less developer: purchase or win to force of arms, a State, any place, city or Kingdom.

Throwing hand a little of our imagination we can find some basic policies. First that nothing, speaks of different objectives: a State, any plaza, city or Kingdom. If you want to conquer something, you must know well what you want to conquer. In this case, a woman. Well defined your goal, and knowing him as much as you can. A square represents open space; as well, some women may be more open emotionally that other, and therefore the strategy to follow with them will be different that you would have to use with women perhaps more closed to their feelings, as a protected walled cities, waiting to attack any invader that goes through them.

When you know what your objective, you can design an appropriate strategy. Secondly, the definition speaks of weapons. Here the idea is similar, the arsenal of weapons that we have will differ according to our goal, according to the way that our goal has to defend themselves from the invaders. So it is important to think about what weapons or strategies you will use to understand how to conquer a woman believed: a poem can be very romantic for some, but for others is a cliche now disused; a few calls a day means a necessary sign of affection for some, and for others is just an annoying habit. So think again. Know the terrain to conquer, and design strategies appropriate to it; two important lessons that give us are Real Academia Espanola on how to conquer. We wish you good luck in your company!