Perfect Cleansing

Cleansing is an important step in skin care. As is known, clear skin actively opposes the negative effects of the environment. If you would like to know more about Dustin Moskovitz, then click here. And this cleansing allows for a long time to maintain health and beautiful skin face. This procedure produced daily, 2 times daily after washing. On the morning of cleaning necessary to remove from the face of the liberated per night sebum and dead skin particles, and in the evening – to remove the remnants of make-up and remove accumulated dirt per day.

Thus, during the morning cleanse the skin is preparing for the application of makeup in the evening – to the proper rest and recovery. It should be noted that the skin cleansing lotion gel in the evening only after removing makeup. Especially needed cleaning for mature and aging skin. And owners of a dry, prone to drying out the skin, this procedure may even replace the wash. Not necessarily be used for skin cleansing expensive cosmetics. You can replace them with products available to any hostess, or combinations of independently prepared at home.

Sour milk. The ideal tool for cleaning the skin of all types. It is suitable for use at any time of year, especially in spring and summer, when the face appeared freckles. Sour milk makes the skin soft and smooth under the action of enzymes contained in it fade freckles. But do not forget that perekisshie products containing large amounts of lactic acid can cause redness and irritation of the skin. Sour milk may well be replaced with fresh yogurt or sour cream. To clean the oily skin is fine whey obtained during the manufacture of cottage cheese or yogurt. Purification performed as follows: a cotton swab moistened with a small amount of sour milk produktai wiped his face with. Then the following swab dipped in milk a little more abundant than the first, once again wipe the skin. The procedure is repeated several times, soaking in Each subsequent pack a bit more than the previous one. The last pad and wring out the excess removed them sour milk. Then the skin is rinsed with warm boiled water and nourishing cream is applied. Before applying the cream can be clean the skin with lotion. For oily skin porous sour milk, put on the face with a thin layer is left on all night and the morning wash off with water at room temperature. Nourishing cream is applied only to the skin around the eyes, neck and cleavage. This technique allows you to narrow pores and thereby reduce the amount allocated to the sebum. Sometimes after cleaning the fermented milk products on the face are red spots and irritation. When they are detected skin rubbed with a cotton swab dipped in tea leaves or fresh milk, and then applied a nourishing cream. Stains and irritation – a skin reaction to the ongoing process. Typically, after 5-6 repetitions she gets used to a similar purification, but if symptoms continue to bother mentioned, it is better to replace the curdled milk a mild detergent solution.