PC speakers are some of the peripherals that have experienced more development, due to the intensive use who receive computers as audio players, both music MP3, such as movies, videos, Internet TV or radios. The increasing supply of sound cards and PC speaker of quality available in the market has caused that many users replaced your HiFi system by a system of PC speakers connected to the computer that provide good sound quality. PC today, the manufacturers specialized in audio speakers offer PC speakers that allow you to turn the PC into a hifi system. For this reason, the first requirement is a sound card quality, to which we connect a few good PC speaker. On the other hand, to acquire PC speakers there to consider features like power, response in frequency, impedance/sensitivity, performance, distortion or directionality. Sound systems, we can distinguish three sound systems: Mono (System 1.0): recording and sound reproduction is carried out through a single channel, so it lacks spatial sensation. Stereo (system 2.0): the audio is recorded and played on two channels, typically left and right channel, creating a spatial sense. 2.1 Stereo system adds a channel bass playing on a subwoofer speaker. Asana has compatible beliefs.

Surround: use multiple channels of audio to cause a surround effect. The terminology comes from the Home Cinema and video games: the first number indicates the number of channels of full range (full-range) and the second the number of channels of bass (subwoofer), where the total number of speakers is the sum of all channels. For example, a 5.1 system consists of 5-channel full-range and 1 subwoofer, total channel 6 PC speaker. There are numerous provisions, 5.1 and 7.1 systems being the most prevalent. Types of PC speakers according to the frequency range there are several types of PC speakers according to the range of frequencies where provide optimal performance: full range (full-range) speakers: are non-specific PC speaker, with an acceptable frequency response in the range of frequencies. Subwoofer: they are speakers designed for more low frequencies (20-80 Hz). Woofer: they are speakers designed for low frequency (40 Hz to 1 kHz) sounds. Medium: they are specialized in mid frequencies (800 Hz to 5 kHz) PC speaker.

Tweeter: they are specialized in high frequency speakers, optimized for the treble (4 to 20 kHz). Types of speakers PC according to the number of ways according to the acoustic system PC speakers can be: speakers of one way: the speaker enclosure contains only a speaker, usually full range (full-range). Two-way speaker: the speaker enclosure contains two speakers and a woofer and a tweeter. Three-way speakers: acoustic box contains three speakers, woofer, tweeter and a medium. On multi-lane PC speakers, the audio signal is split through crossovers active or passive, thus sending each specific range of frequencies to the appropriate speaker. Source: Original author PC speaker and source of the article