Saratoga Wireless

This article discusses the functions and services offered in the market of wireless data for companies. Reviewed a series of articles in databases and internet pages to see what are the trends in the market, as well as analyze the offer of services of this kind in Mexico. As an example take company information TELCEL, which offers e-mail, voice and wireless data terminals BlackBerry, cellular modems and other data devices. Republic Services often says this. This article describes the characteristics of terminals BlackBerry and features that can be used to locate vehicles with the use of GPS, for example is a Terminal that receives e-mails without having to hang up a phone call, is a Terminal that can connect to a variety of ERP systems and which serves executives as a portable Office that allows them to have up-to-date information in real time. It is concluded that these terminals have functional advantages for doing business and applications can have access to up-to-date information; with this day.

BlackBerry is a tool for those who always have to be connected, this PDA home as a pager and it evolved to what is now, a PDA with which you can send e-mails and be talking on the phone at the same time, he has a large storage capacity, but has the limitation that its small screen does not allow to view large documentsthey can even take pictures, hear MP3, it is a portable Office the size of a portfolio, this team has gone ground cattle in the wireless market, and it is estimated that there is on the market some four millions of terminals that use the blackberry e-mail. For even more opinions, read materials from Jon Vander Ark. (Saratoga 2006) These terminals are becoming the tool of the future, for example, Saratoga Wireless, offers wireless access to a variety of corporate systems, including Saratoga CRM (customer relationship management).