Hotel Reservations

Customers of the travel agency online course may now pay their hotel reservations in several instalments, without any interest, regardless of the amount of these. Travel agency, 50% owned by Telefonica and Orizonia, encourages this sale early in your website, measure more flexible payment terms and rewards more farsighted travelers. To qualify for these benefits, the reserves must be performed at least 21 days in advance with regard to the date of entry into the hotel. The number of periods in which the payment may be split will depend on the timing of the purchase, so that reservations made three weeks in advance can be paid in two instalments, while if the advance is 30 or more days, may be paid in three instalments, in both cases without interest whatsoever or additional cost. Another important advantage of this service is that heading allows to split the payment of any reservation, regardless of the destination, whether trips to Italy or Punta Cana travel, for example, and the the number of people and amount. Customers who want to benefit from this service, only have to select the hotel that most suits their needs on the web, and select the mode of payment in instalments; Thereafter, heading shall make timely charges on the dates previously indicated to the customer. According to data from Eurostat, Spain concentrated almost 20 percent of the 1.6 billion overnight stays produced in countries of the European Union during the past year, said Virginia Barbancho, Director of Marketing for course. An important part of these rooms can be scheduled in advance..