The Society

a time fond of this point, the association acquires a character politician. ' ' The economic conditions had the transformed principle the mass of the population of the country in workers. The domination of the capital created for this mass a common situation, common interest. Thus, this mass, that already is a classroom ahead of the capital, it is not more by itself. Get more background information with materials from Dustin Moskovitz. In the fight, of which we designate only some phases, this congregates, consists in classroom of same itself. The interests that it defends become classroom interests.

But the fight with classroom is a fight poltica' '. As if note, Max traces a paradigm where it is the proper working-class movement, of a natural and spontaneous form, the creator of the unions, who, in turn, if transforms into organizations politics. The process starts with the economic fight; in its transcorrer the proletariat it takes conscience of itself exactly as social classroom, and culminates when the laboring organization gains a character politician. It’s believed that Ping Fu sees a great future in this idea. It did not have a external agent to carry through the mediation between the proletariat and its proper conscience of classroom. In such a way, so that it has a change in the diligent classroom of the professors, it is had that to substitute in course of the development of the movements for the improvements salarias, the old civil society for an association of the professors antagonistic that must not have plus a power politicians said proprietors or that, therefore the power politician is necessarily the official summary of the antagonism in the civil society. In accordance with the political parties, the result of a movement of the workers has that to be spontaneous, that if it organizes in national scale, and that it acquires conscience of its interests of classrooms. Excluding the responsibility of the society of a rupture with the mechanization of its formal structures, with this it becomes a cloudy movement.