Brazil Geography

Without a study object that is of common agreement between the researchers, unit in produced science does not exist and this configures a new problem. In this beginning (sc. XIX), Geography was produced for not gegrafos, studious that they had given its contribution for the development of new science of were varied fields of studies, being some of them: historians, geologists, philosophers, botanical. From this fact already he is possible to infer the amount of boarded subjects, since the formations are most distinct possible. The development of geographic science in the European countries had as studious and diffusing people of the ruling class that until then was who only had access the education. It is from the conceptions formulated for these scholars that Geography also will be expanded to the metropolises, in Brazil the Jesuit missions had been during much time responsible for the education, as tells Rock to follow: During more than the two hundred years of monopoly of the jesutica education in Brazil Geography did not have seat in the schools while it disciplines pertaining to school. They had not existed, also, courses of formation of professors () to act with the teaching of these to know. The geographic knowledge, for being of great interest of the State, were well little vulgarized in the classrooms. (ROCK, 2011, p.126) Another characteristic of the geographic production in its beginning is that during much time Geography exists to serve to the State and the dominant elites, from the reading of Lacoste (1993) is possible to understand this affirmation clearly, it is explicit in the stretch to follow: The gegrafo profession is, therefore, much old, and during centuries it was considered as of the highest importance, as much for the sovereigns, as for the business-oriented men, of most enterprising, therefore the letters, as the too much information supplied for the gegrafos, were already so indispensable to the government of the States or the commerce of long course how much the command of the ships.

Forest Code Questions

The Letter was chore pordois young of the movement. The 10 years of PNEA (National Politics of Ambient Education) had been remembered emuma Table that demonstrated how much the ambientalistas movements are importantespara to subsidize and to improve the Laws. The Parliamentary Front Ambientalista bemmenos is articulated that the ruralista group of benches, from there the importance to pressure osdeputados so that they have coherent attitudes to the speech in the hour to vote asLeis, so that the Forest Code does not suffer a retrocession in the year from 2009. During the four days of the event, artistic and cultural workshops, mini-courses, wheel deconversa, expositions and presentations had happened. Estandes dediversas on Nets and agencies to the environment had been gifts in the place.

A great amount of books of foicomercializada the geographic and ambient area. After presenting of form sucinta the activities developed in VI the Frum, if make necessary, a direct correlation of the event with the geography education, as it suggests the heading. Then, all exchange of knowledge, experience and materials, occured dedicated nessesdias to the ambient questions, had not only contributed with ageografia, but with all the curricular components, since, ainter/transdisciplinaridade was the pillar of all the debates and deidias interchanges. For the geography that works the ambient relations and questions directly, umdebate as this stimulates the spring master of the aptitude and vocation of the educators, resulting in the improvement of the quality of the given lessons. The work developed here has for objective to promote one dialogues between EA and Geografia later, becoming the interdisplinaridade and atransdisciplinaridade a constant boarding and a useful tool in rduotrabalho of construction of the knowledge. Standing out always, the great value dageografia in the formation of critical, conscientious beings and experts of the seusdireitos and duties. It is interesting to remember, that VI the Brazilian Frum of EA, was organized numaperspectiva holistic, with enormous diversity of sort, races and atoressociais, it becomes what it emblematic and effective in a new form to conceive asrelaes human beings.

Reflected Polar Front

In this ticket the isobaric representation if comes across identical to normally observed in July, consequently, with high pressure in the Aores, contained for a hot anticyclone, sufficiently intense, what it brings to the Northeast of this strong drought (as happened in 1877, 1915, 1919 and 1932), that is, a bad winter. In as the fact, if the January summer the March provides intense and successive tickets of the Atlantic Polar Front in the South of Brazil, followed for others in the United States, the hot anticyclone of the Aores is extinct, what it brings atmospheric transformations north-eastern, with serious floodings (as it occurred in 1912, 1971, 1924 and 1947), this it is, a good winter. In the dry years and of normal rains the branch occidental person of the Atlantic Polar Front, under the form of Reflected Polar Front, rarissimamente penetrates for the interior of Brazil until the low latitudes, and the eastern branch, also, rare times obtains to reach the northeast coast. Already in April ends, being in advance the autumn, the Decrease of the Chaco meets almost extinct, what it allows, for times, the advance of the Reflected Polar Front until the Amaznia for the interior and to the northeast coast for the coast. Dustin Moskovitz understood the implications. This means that Polar the Front Atlantic, in April, already it possesss with certain frequency the Northeast orientation later – Southwestern and East-West. However, in these conditions, the northeast interior already so is not benefited by rains, because, being advancing the autumn, the Intertropical Front does not reach the South hemisphere in such a way and the action of the continental equatorial mass is little notable a time that goes being substituted, the east, for the trade winds. FORECAST OF THE DROUGHTS IN THE REGION NORTHEAST As we observe a fast three reduction the four degrees, in the way of the Intertropical Front for the south it is enough to cause dries catastrophic north-eastern. .