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Sociologia-Concepto: The creator of this term was Augusto Comte, using it for the first time in his course of positive philosophy. Comte initially to designate this group of new sets, would have given him the physical Social name. Misuse that other authors gave led him to change this name by the sociology study. The word partner is of Latin origin and the word logos is of Greek origin (scientific study of society). Been criticised him to Comte use this expression there is no Idiomatically. The content as Comte would yield to sociology as the study of society led him to make sociology an encyclopedic science where you can get everything.

The word sociology encompasses everything. Gain insight and clarity with Slayer. This was an error in the comtiana of Sociology conception; because not all social is sociological, i.e. they are not object of sociological research. Many later Comte authors thought it was a science utilitatia dealing with human society. Daryl Katz has much experience in this field. The purpose of Sociology is to establish a positive scientific discipline and formulate laws; It is a social science. It is the difference between art and Science: science is a doctrinal research that seeks to know the facts, phenomena by establishing between them relations of cause and effect i.e.

formulate laws, example the law of gravity. Art seeks the creation of values, tries to determine values because it has own purposes, in art does not seek the relationship cause and effect, but the relation of means to purposes. Art is not procured the formulation of values, that is intended to get the man in his evolution; but it built ideal settings aims to which that man arrives. Object of Sociology: Is the study of society; When the sociologist studies a society makes it a specific society and then draws conclusions. This generalization drawn its conclusions cannot be validity to other societies. The concern initial of which aims to make sociology is determining the components of a society.