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Hardly anyone would argue with the fact that, for whatever purposes are not used by the computer, the most important part of it – is stored on the hard disk information, the value of which can be many times greater than the cost of most advanced components, and loss leads to unpredictable consequences. Especially if you have no backup When it comes to the loss of personal data, the consequences can be extremely unpleasant, but nothing more, because in most cases, they can survive. The situation is significantly complicated if we consider the problem in a business context. According to experts, electronic documents now at the stage of development when 90% of all documents are created electronically, with 70% of them never printed. In this connection, the foundation being of any company can be, literally, undermined due to unavailability of data.

Inevitable in such cases, a simple brings nothing but disappointment – leaving valuable customers, raise the head competitors, the costs rise, profit falls Not so long ago, the British Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) conducted a survey, dedicated to exploring the weaknesses in information security systems. It shows – the average cost of the cost of overcoming the consequences of data loss can vary somewhere around .000 – .000. Moreover, according to the results of that survey, 70% of companies faced with similar problems, closed forever. It is because of the loss of information, many companies have suffered as a result of Sept. 11, went bankrupt and still has not resumed operations.