Programming Issues

Incidentally at this formulation of the question Consultant will already be completely differently to think how you respond. And it is quite possible that he will recommend you the wrong zapredelschinu, which have he himself has no money, and he will advise you exactly what you really need, and suits to your problem. But on the other hand, you might say: ‘Since it is so easy! What is difficult is that to transfer to What is computer? ” Uh-uh, do not tell. Much for many people, among other things, it is not very easy task. Let’s look at this issue through examples. In any supermarket you can see, for example, a number of tv models, or For example, vacuum cleaners. They all differ in certain technical characteristics and, consequently, price.

But no matter how much money did not differ, the tv will always be television. Models may vary design, screen size, however some additional features, but they all have a most important task – getting the signal from the body image and the reproduction of the images on the screen. Same with vacuum cleaners – have a bag to collect dust or no cleaning is a vacuum cleaner or not, the primary and fundamental task of any vacuum cleaner – collecting dust in your apartment. But to say what the main task of the computer is very difficult. Yes, probably you can say that computer – a device for processing information. But information about the world around us is very, very different. It can be any documents, texts, books, abstracts.

These can be photos, video, music, computer games, Internet, English language, programming, interior design, furniture design, car design, accounting and even the sea itself different information. And to work with different kinds of information computers still differ slightly among themselves. For example, if you want a computer to watch the same tv show (and the computer may be able to and it is), it is logical to assume that this in your computer must have at least a connector for television antenna and the ability to process the signal. And if you’re not going to watch tv on your pc, then you, this function is not needed. I Of course, I understand that you may not know much about computers, not only in themselves, but also, for what they can generally be used. But for a correct choice of the computer as a future purchase, it would be necessary after all consider and determine for yourself what you still want out of a future computer. And, at least roughly, to determine the range of tasks that you are going to use it to decide. And to this to determine how exactly you can consult with knowledgeable people, and go shopping, to consult with the vendors, listen to their views. And do not hesitate to ask as many questions to sellers. Do not be afraid to annoy them. In the end, you do not buy a stick of sausage. By same computer, you probably do not buy every year, so hurry in this matter is not needed. So when you decide the terms of the tasks for your computer, you and your consultants and vendors in the store, and you yourself will have much easier to pick up the final version of the computer. And that would do it properly, you need to understand what actually consist of modern computers.