Ukrainians Climb

Ukrainians! Climb up, we are not cattle! Folk wisdom says: "Do not let God, from Mr Ivan!" When we observe, as with every year impudent and contemptuous look at the "little Ukrainians" suddenly wealthy gentry, it becomes creepy. What is still enduring the Ukrainian people?! Rob him, and he suffers. Beat him on one cheek, and he substitutes a second. His impudent fool, and he believes in and vote for those who robs his own. Read additional details here: P&G. It's a shame that today so called "elite" did not even hesitate to look scornfully and contemptuously speak of those feeds. We lie to even the first leaders of the state. And we vote. It is time we all wake up and cleanse the society from mendacious politicians, get rid of corruption, treachery, which today is regarded as patriotism.

Viktor Yushchenko, even during the solemn inauguration, his hand on the Bible (!), Promised: "We will create new jobs place. Everyone gets a job and a decent salary. Business will be separated from power. " It took 5 years. Nothing has been done. Today, it is not even alley, again promises. It was Yushchenko gave the nickname of "little Ukrainian" and vowed to help him become "Big", but actually degraded Ukrainians even lower. Now that people have begun to realize the "most Ukrainian Ukrainian," when Yushchenko's rating lowered to 2-3%, he said that the majority can not determine the correctness of president. Then what is this "democracy", where the majority opinion does not count? But "the Ukrainian intelligentsia," applauding! Yulia Tymoshenko continues to shamelessly puff brains voters beautiful promises, who did not perform and for 10 years.