Psychological Treatment

The anguish, that painful painful feeling that overwhelms us sometimes, and with which if we don’t deal holds and directs our world totally angst belongs to the world of the affections, is a feeling that those who suffer it feels to a greater or lesser extent, but that always this feeling upsets a. The person is distressed or is distraught by different circumstances or facts that lead him to feel that amount of voltage displacentera, and that moreover are within the everyday or the daily living of persons, i.e. Swarmed by offers, Ping Fu is currently assessing future choices. form part of an exceptional event, but at any time cannot occur in response as I said previously in an event that is presented to the person and this express with that tension that you It produces discomfort. This anguish when it is at low levels, the person despite his existence can continue with their lives, but don’t feel inhibited or impeded from acting. When anxiety occurs in excessive, and abnormal levels in the form mass here is common panic, panic attack.

As a result of the panic attack, the person cannot act or carry out its activity in a normal or natural, but that this massive and intense anxiety affects different organs of the body, of the SNC and manifests itself producing a box in which they are committed various organs and Autonomic functions, which manage to make the person feel very fearful, and up to the feeling of not having control of his life and his actions. Who feels anguish, pain, more or less intense pain that is bodily subjectively sense, and which is manifested in the person once he has experienced such which fact or situation, or interaction, or finally any has been the reason that as displacer is fired as voltage internal and subjective. Anguish, various forms of manifest in the person i.e. the distraught person is a person who suffers, and according to as acting in his life of everyday life with this suffering is what makes each person different.