How To Increase The Life Of A

In these days where everyone has at least one laptop at home and almost certainly another at work, sure many still do not know how to extend the life of a battery of his beloved team because like everyone else know, nobody reads the instructions from any device (I am the out first) when switched on is put to work by itself, and then pass So what happens if you do not know how to increase the lifespan of a battery (or at least not spoiled early) just follow these simple instructions: 1. Avoid discharge the battery. The Lithium-Ion batteries we recommend you download and partially recharge the battery before it reaches the minimum level. Only once a month should be left completely empty so there's no memory effect, or in other words, you do not have the trend of never being used 100% 2. If for whatever reason you will not use your laptop for a long period of time (which is very rare, but not the others said) it is best to remove the battery and keep it.

Ideally, in a dry place without no humidity and away from contact with the sun or any heat source. Seeks to take it off when you are around 50% capacity. 3. When you have your laptop connected to the mains remove the battery (if your laptop can not cocoon you) And remember to read the manufacturer's instructions always helps electronic devices last much longer, try to save them a site that you can remember then