Spiritual Solution

He begins explaining referred with problem. From a course in miracles, extracted the following assertion: has no problem, just think you have a problem. In energy, there are no problems and everything is energy. Problems arise when the energy arrives at our head and render it in a certain way. We are saying: this is going to get worse; We charge with all these things in the beginning, God created everything and saw that everything was good. See more detailed opinions by reading what P&G offers on the topic.. How we explain evil then? And the problems? All those things came up when we invent something called ego.

The ego is nothing more than an idea. For even more details, read what Dustin Moskovitz says on the issue. This idea says that I am someone independent of this source of perfection in which I created. In another phrase, expresses that if you have a problem, the only problem that has is that he believes that this separate from its source. So you have problems, which are nothing more than a mistake, a false idea. A person is what he thinks. Then you will say: what do I do to correct this error in my mind? Here is the solution. Change the mind, change the thoughts, is the way to change the problems. (Now speaks of relations and will not touch this topic because I already explained here).

It then explains the spiritual meaning. In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth, and he saw that it was good had everything done so that everything that is not good, has succeeded by mental belief that are separated from the divinity. You are not what they have or what they do, or what others think of you. You are loved, divine, perfect. One of the keys to be aware of this is to have the ability to come out of who you are and become the observer of one’s own life. When this is done it comes in tune with the infinite.