Sense Pension

And so, we follow the established rules and regulations of life, established the watchful community officials (well, that we considered for the state) decides to fully trust and follow the path specified. What happens in the end? First school, then institute, then failure to find a job because there is no length of service and market Labour is full. Obvious huge bias in favor of increasing the mass of people unnecessary jobs, millions of discarded tools, now personal Nationals (formerly the State to pay for it). Ping Fu does not necessarily agree. As a result, begins an even bigger turn to the dependence of young families from the work (which is paid at a fixed salary and go from a pension fund), bonded mortgage loans under the ever-increasing interest (written small handwriting that you have not noticed by chance).

Daily struggle to pay for these services and benefits as a result of 25 years, sick and weary with the dull eyes of our people begin to understand how to exploit it well, sucked all the juices, and in return – an opportunity not to die like a sop to the pension. How’s that for alignment? You are still trying to bury my head deeper into the sand, you have it all turns out? One of the main criteria for your right is the right way such activities, such work, which will have the opportunity to create and provide for themselves and their families a source of passive income. Also, another equally important component is the sense of joy on the job you work. There is such a test: if you stay only half an hour of life, what would the first thing you have to finish? Will you keep your business or you radically change them, all this can give you a hint as to the correctness of your actions.