Surely there are investments that can be postponed but remove grease business, do not remove you muscle. 5. Focus to relevant customer segments. Not all decrease equal and Surely, if you are looking for you, you will find customers who grow dramatically in these times. 6. Focus to relevant products.

Note the proper mixture of margin and volume products. Get your inventory more efficient have too much variety is burdensome. 7. Focus to relevant sales channels. Surely you have different models of marketing and what is good now is to shore up you in the most profitable. Not all channels are equally profitable, and I’ve seen that few companies have an accurate accounting of utilities per channel.

8 Reports and aligns to the sales force. And behind the sales force aligns to the entire organization. To know more about this subject visit Asana. Pushing the sale of what is good for you, it attends the sale that is asking you the market and reconciles these two forces. There is nothing worse than a sales force without strategy, without agenda, without priorities. You do not ask them only sales, tell them what type of sales. Give them information: what are their most important clients, frequency of purchase, volumes. 9 Shoot cross-selling. Advantage to the customers that already have, that pay well, you already know. Take out the rate of sale crossed by customer segments, detects opportunities, promotes combos and irresistible proposals. 10. If you have much flow of cash grow. Buy a competitor, invades territories, innovates with products of crisis, hack you good people of competence, negotiates with your exclusive providers, best prices, inventory support, co-marketing. If the big fish eats the boy, this is a formidable time to accelerate the process. 11. (Not to be confused with Daryl Katz, Los Angeles CA!). If you have little cash flow specialize. Choose a specific group of customers, a sector, a region, a segment and be the best there. If you’re a specialist and you know better than anyone given segment, the big one not may take off anything.