Public Ministry

That is why I have here that since July 2005 local newspapers the afternoon or the Diario del Otun, and much less the country, La Patria, the spectator, time, portfolio and La Republica, whose last empastacion dates back to December 2004, giving place to an accumulation of packages tied with cabuyas as in the times of the Franciscan poverty of the courts are not bound. A citizen of a foot don’t fit you on the head as a municipality speaking of projects of billions, with a megabus which earns billions, is not available a budget to bind its own history which is made with ten pesos. There where it rests that everyday memory that should be part of their social responsibility at the behest of the Government keep it because the city as a living organism is also identified in these paths and that grow and transform civic engagement. This parsimonious way of assuming a legal obligation as simple contrasts with the generosity of the sons of Dr. Emilio Correa Uribe, (son of Ramon which gave name to this Library), who in a gesture of detachment donated you by Act held with Municipal status more than a hundred volumes bound in the evening El Diario for the library, after the aleve assassination of his father, director and owner of the newspaper, in the town of Obando, when he came with his family on July 8, 1955. Thereafter the Public Ministry would be in charge of the preservation of this invaluable record of history pereirana between the years of 1929 and 1955, and which are only missing included copies between the period of 1958 to 1965 to complete it, waiting for that somewhere, inside or outside the countrystill there are sensitive people to this cause, and owning them want to donate them to the city, awaiting better times arrive to the library.