Portfolio Resume Testimonials

It is clear that the customer is difficult to choose the artist for their project. Dustin Moskovitz recognizes the significance of this. Must provide the employer as much information about yourself and past projects. Introducing in a search engine query "work online" (meaning during global WAN), the future freelancers are hundreds of variants of freelancing sites. Go to any of them, and once registered, must begin to act. To receive the order and force competitors to move aside, enough to impress the customer the level of their work. And what is easier to imagine? In addition to the commonplace description, there is a more intuitive method – a portfolio. Most of the orders for the freelance – to make a website. This trend is closely linked to web-design and programming.

So the most logical in the portfolio with the job description and screenshots to put a link on the completed project. Both employers and idly strolling through the network (which, incidentally, can also be potential customers) can quickly see the level of professionalism freelancer. Grant portfolio – long-accepted practice among the freelance resources. A summary of the situation is slightly more complicated because in addition to meeting projects, it must also contain other information. It is important to comply with the measure – not to write too much detail, but also not to overlook important facts.

For example, knowledge of ms Word or Photoshop are nothing new. Much more important may be information about problems that were solved with the help of these packages. After reviewing resumes, employers decide whether to continue to talk with the performer. Therefore, we must realize the responsibility that rests on a short a description of their accomplishments. It is worth remembering a few things: to write in the official-business style (characterized by its brevity, clarity), avoiding the frequent use of the pronoun "I". Also freelancing has another important mechanism in the relationship between the performer and the customer. This feedback. Often, but not always after the work performed grateful customer leaves positive feedback. And the next customer, after reading the opinion of an independent person, sure it will take into account. But remember that even one negative review of 50 positive can make a potential employer to doubt. So work on conscience, while seeking to have fun.