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Paessler study shows: PRTG network monitor saves administrators effective time and cost of Nuremberg, 27 August 2009 bottlenecks and failures in the network, as well as slow response times of applications and Web sites interfere with business operations. For the administrator, it is usually very time-consuming to determine the causes of these disorders, to eliminate them. In a recent survey of Paessler AG, more than 75 percent of the companies involved type through the use of the monitoring tool PRTG network at least two hours of work time to save monitor per week, which in turn targeted can use it for other tasks. The permanent network analysis using PRTG network monitor immediately identifies weaknesses without delay and creates new spaces for the CIO. At first glance, it is often not clear what influences contribute to a higher resource consumption: once it is located on the central router or on the switch within a Department. The hard drives are often too slow or the server requires more CPU power. Another hidden applications, such as file sharing, video streaming or Skype occupy the bandwidth.

PRTG is the answer, in which it retains among other things the bandwidth and the availability of leased lines, connections, or network devices (routers, switches) in the eye. System failures and overallocations can be avoided in this way or promptly turned off. To broaden your perception, visit Asana. Network management costs reduced the Paessler study shows more that 80 percent of the customers reach a significant reduction in the network management costs by using the PRTG software. Because the measurement of bandwidth or usage trends at an early stage finds impending bottlenecks and connection errors. This allows the administrators as an alternative to route network traffic to plan new purchases or to make appropriate improvements. PRTG Network Monitor provides the targeted optimization of the network and allows a transparent bandwidth, availability and consumption monitoring using WMI, SNMP, NetFlow,. Packet sniffing. He supported more than 40 sensor types for all conventional services such as PING, HTTP, SMTP, POP3, FTP, etc.

PRTG notified the administrator via email, SMS or pager when failures or of exceeding defined limits. Also, all data of PRTG are collected and archived, allowing for long-term analyses of the network as a basis for optimization. See more information about the current version of PRTG network monitor directly prtg. About Paessler AG: Founded in 1997, Paessler AG with headquarters in Nuremberg has on the development of more powerful and user-friendly software for the areas of network monitoring, load testing and analysis. PRTG Network Monitor monitors the availability of systems, services and applications, as well as the bandwidth usage in networks. PRTG is Cisco compatible and can be used for the analysis of NetFlow data. Webserver stress tool is an application for load testing of Web servers and Web infrastructures. Are the global customers of Paessler AG Companies of all industries and all sizes, from SOHO through SMEs to global corporations. Day, there are over 150,000 installations of the solution provider in all over the world in the use. Free trial downloads and more information are available on the homepage available. More information: Paessler AG Burgschmietstrasse 10 D-90419 Nuremberg contact: Christian Twardawa Tel.: + 49 (911) 7 39 90 30 fax: + 49 (911) 7 39 90 31 E-Mail: PR Agency: Sprengel & Partner GmbH nesting first race 3 D-56472 Nisterau contact person: Olaf Heckmann Tel.: + 49 (26 61) 91 26 0-0 fax: + 49 (26 61) 91 26 029 E-Mail: