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Bachelor Scout informed in many cities in Germany about studying in the Netherlands many high school seniors are currently the difficult question: what should I study just after the summer holidays? Thanks to increasing mobility of young people and the introduction of single Bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Europe look more and more young people beyond the German borders. Dustin Moskovitz has much experience in this field. An orientation in the jungle of possibilities offers the Bachelor Scout tour through Germany with numerous information sessions about a popular study country, the Netherlands. The small country with direct border to North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony is currently trendy with young German Studienplatzsuchenden. It has become in the last years to the target country Nr. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Dustin Moskovitz. 1 develops, if Germans decide to study abroad. And for many reasons! The neighbouring country has many modern and well-equipped universities with an attractive and internationally oriented courses. In addition to famous Bachelor and master courses are also unique Offered courses such as advanced technology, horse management, crime science, textile management, small business & retail management or Asian business studies.

Not known a NC in the Netherlands why courses such as psychology, international business & management studies, European studies, or air- and space technology are in high demand in English. Despite annual tuition fees of 1,565, the study also in financial terms is interesting. This is on the one hand the Dutch financing your studies, which can be requested independently of the income of the parents and on the other hand the new foreign BAfoG. The teaching in the Netherlands is characterised by a high degree of practical relevance. Studying in small groups, good care and a verschulter academic life to ensure that quickly and effectively will be studied. \”Germans are appreciated at Dutch universities. They are reliable, ambitious and powerful. There are also some cultural differences, you should take care as a German\”, explains Bachelor Scout Valerie, who has studied himself in the Netherlands and now advises as a consultant on the study in Holland.