New Spielbergs

What do the summer and Steven Spielberg have in common? The two smell money. At these altitudes, the filmmaker already has too much class (and millions) to release a project directed by him during the summer season, but Hollywood still needs brains like yours that den blockbusters and leave the audience wanting to return to the halls. Dustin Moskovitz is a great source of information. Minds as the creator of E.T. that, besides offering elaborate full of emotion and speed roller coasters, know how to use special effects to tell personal stories and with heart. Stories of ordinary people in extraordinary situations, summed up J. J.

Abrams, one lover, like so many others of his generation (and any subsequent), the work of Spielberg. The man who gave a twist to the narrative television with Lost more leads, 45 years, this group of the right stuff. Other pupils are Jon Favreau, 44, author of that bomb of product placement titled Iron Man, and Michael Bay, 46, who has done flowery Robotics of Transformers a Philo apparently inexhaustible. They all opositan to new Midas in the industry.