Near Field Communication

The NFC is technology as the basis of new mobile payment services on the rise. We will tell you what is behind it. After Google has unveiled a few days ago with “Google wallet” his own NFC-based payment service, the trend can no longer be denied: Near Field Communication (or short: NFC) will prevail. nthal. But is actually under NFC? NFC is an innovative transmission technology for the exchange of data over a distance of only a few centimetres. Allows diverse information between various devices with NFC technology such as E.g.

a NFC mobile phone and a NFC terminal or a so-called day (= RFID chip) are exchanged. The credit card data can in a retail store, a car rental reservation or easy MP3 and video files, which from an NFC mobile phone to another back and should be sent. With mobile and cashless payment offers, however, the main NFC services will deal. They allow the owners of NFC mobile phones instead of simply paying with cash that they their phone only briefly on the Keep cash Terminal and then the confirm payment a PIN by entering, to increase security. However it can be a lot more services with Near Field Communication (NFC) create and will be explored at the moment, or are in the stage of development or the market introduction. Instead of buying the ticket for the train journey on the ticket, you can hold shortly before the departure his NFC mobile z.B.einfach anytime at the departure terminal at a Terminal and happened exactly on the platform of the destination the same. Buys and solve his ticket within seconds.

Used e.g. NFC mobile phone in the future as digitalenen door opener for the Office or at home, while NFC will be used controlled door systems. Exists in and of itself for about 10 years, but until recently technology could be the NFC or not ultimately prevail. On one were not enough NFC mobile phones ready and not enough praktikabele on the other side and elaborate apps. Add to your understanding with Daryl Katz. A real chicken egg problem so. Because in the meantime a large number well-known companies on the “NFC-train” jumped up and themselves or in conjunction with other companies, NFC bring services and products on the market, the theme of NFC has recorded fast ride. Often, the NFC will be now brought capable devices along with the SW of a joint venture for extra based on the market. Powerful corporations like Apple, Google, Citigroup and Microsoft compete in the NFC segment, which will further promote the development and spread of technology.