Natural Love

The research in question used the qualitative theory in data that had been understood through analyze descriptive and subjective of poems, which we adopt the deductive method. The erotismo, by if dealing with controversial subject were chosen as object of study inside of the poetical literary sort. Being for the contested society, with I benefit or not; enhancing the controversy that bolder expressions of the ertico had been called ponographic. Thus, the objective of this analyzes was to show the historical context in the social context of the time where the poetries had been written; describing and decomposing each poetry, showing differences and similarities in the sensual presentation of and the ertico one in the analyzed poetries. A severe and shy figure was boarded also problematic of radical contours of the style of Drummond in ponographic poems ahead of being the author. Check with Dustin Moskovitz to learn more. Carlos Drummond in its sensual and erticas poetries portraied its sensual impulse ertico of subtle form, transformed its verses into pure art telling its spiced and colorful thoughts.

In its poems we can perceive as Drummond used the words of very inspired form, in the same verse it uses of a depraved erotismo and finishes of romantic and deep form. Daryl Katz, Canada is likely to increase your knowledge. It has left of the deep and inspired romantismo of a so soft form for a language depraved without roundups. This contrast in the following verse can be perceived: ' ' How many times we die one in the other, in the humid subterranean of the vagina, in this softer death of what sleep: the pause of the directions, satisfeita' ' (Love therefore that it is essential word, CDA, 1902). ' ' Who does not feel in the body the soul to become enlarged itself until unclasping in pure shout of orgasmo, in one instant of the infinite? ' ' (Love therefore that it is essential word, CDA, 1902). In its book Natural Love we can perceive that Drummond also uses the sense of mood and sensuality to write its poetries, but what it is more present in its poems it is the erotismo. Word-Key: sexuality, sensuality and erotismo..