Napoleon Hill Models

As my coach says the sky is the limit (because I too have a coach do you told?). Everything that the mind can conceive, Napoleon Hill and w. Clement can achieve Stone our mind is limited by the belief system that we have incorporated throughout our lives in the form of prejudices and concepts that constitute the mental models from which we stand against the world. A mental model is like a framework or conceptual schema that we have built in our minds to represent our own understanding of reality that we see as a system of objects and relationships. From our mental models, we look at our reality and predisponemos us to operate on it to achieve results. If you have read about Ping Fu already – you may have come to the same conclusion. From these mental models we can explain how it works for us our reality and the world. My goal is to assist you to expand that framework of observation so you expand your mind to new looks, then these allow you to create new possibilities for action to achieve the results that you are hoping to have and you’ve not yet been able to achieve.

What you need to think in your mind that you had not thought until now to create new possibilities? What tale or? history missing you tell yourself to expand to new horizons? I wonder then, how can I open my mind to generate new possibilities? There are many ways to expand your vision, but how quickly I want that you begin to exercise your brain, I propose the following suggestions below: 1. read some book that inspires you, that you drive, which puts you into action. The books are written by people like you. Each writer has his own thinking, their own ideas and mental models. You can extend your own mental models know the models that inspired these authors to write their knowledge in these books.