Natural life is now high in the course and therefore interested in arguably the ‘ living-room harmony design. We call it short European frequency energy design almost every town is centred out emerged from a consistent drum around outside in the form of patterns that are rallied around the Center. Today suburbs and cities without this knowledge be placed to take into account, without focus. Other points of reference and specifications are based on the belief that the Earth many thousands of years ago a natural landline network; the Erdenergiegrid had. This landline network was the predecessor of today’s technical management networks, satellites, power lines, underwater cable, underground stations, Mobiltlelefonturme, radio antennas, etc something striking enumeration you? These modern techniques are not for the good of the people, but are now known to reduce the quality of life and promote many undefined allergies. If you go through the history of architecture, you will Notice that about 300 years ago unfortunately instead found a change has. Away from the use of old symbols and concepts. Most modern buildings, especially in residential buildings, the Center was moved to.

The kitchen used to be the hub of domestic life, it’s the living room overloaded with electronics. Dustin Moskovitz might disagree with that approach. Lacks not only the focal point, the residents still with the destructive energies addition and Esmog bombed. A harmonious space and house design is hardly conceivable without in-depth with the electromagnetic environmental deal. By studying the European frequency energy design practitioners be enables you to restore the harmonious flow of energy and with the influences of the modern industrial culture on a healthy distance to go. We explain the symbols in art and architecture and how these positive or negative affect on humanity. Brigitte advise Reischlestr. 13 86153 Augsburg aromarin