Miguel Fernandez

As for the companies: although they increase company celebrations at Christmas, these are made in their own offices. A cocktail at noon, against the traditional evening party with dinner and open bar. Also in the openings and events a great break in all business sectors, exists mainly banking, automotive and, of course, construction. The reductions have reached 90% in some cases, as in the banking. In the public sector events have declined 80%, in a generalized manner. According to us pointing Miguel Fernandez, commercial director, in the Laurel Catering have perceived in the last 2 months that sector companies appears to be a little more animated with regard to what has been the 2010, by removing the effect of Christmas dinner. It seems that the coveted green shoots might finally be emerging. If we refer to the celebration of weddings: Although the activity does not seem to decrease, Yes has decreased the average number of guests at these celebrations.

The average attendance is around 120 guests, faced with the almost 150 of some years ago.These weddings from 400 to 500 guests that took place four years ago, are already something residual, they only occur in 5% of weddings. Level spaces and farms for the celebration of weddings and events, offering Yes there has been a spectacular growth in the last 5 years. Now the offer is very good and varied, which has led to a reduction in the profit margins of these spaces and the increase in offers, by the decrease in contracted dates, which fall around 10-20%. In the segment of individuals we have the following results. The activity does not diminish at the level of first communion celebrations, but yes there a great hiatus regarding festivals and anniversaries, so such events are almost non-existent currently. For more information: El Laurel Catering, C / Cerezos, 11, 28703 Madrid, Tel.: 916593174,, about EL LAUREL CATERING with over 10 years in the market, maintain the efforts to make any event a success, where will taste the best cuisine, always with personal, private or prestigious companies, adapting to the needs and tastes of each client.