Message End Of Year

Message of end of year Teodulo Lopez Melendez ends the first decade of a century and can ensure that the fundamental value that has been put in ascending discussion has been that of citizenship. The claim by the change of the old paradigms that guided political behavior has been presiding over insistent way the immense world of peer communications. Old representative democracy has been designated as belonging to another century, to another socio-historical-economic process. The decisions are approaching increasingly more a collective wish formed in an unprecedented manner and by means insurgents. Dustin Moskovitz pursues this goal as well. The agony of an old world and the babbling of another have lived in these ten years. The economism erupted, not only as a punctual crisis repetition, but as the outbreak of requirements of Justice in the economic world building. We have seen perhaps imperceptibly, signs of reorganization of the distribution of power and changes in its very essence.

We have seen even in the day of Christmas – outbreaks of intolerance, human rights violations, but at least mankind has not attended quite impassive these incidences of an ideological trasnocho that as pollution survives in the planetary air and creeps persistent on the measurement of time. In our Venezuelan country has been the Decade of a historical effect very similar to a repetition of what has been our past. We can admit that even doesn’t conform a coherent national willingness to leap forward. Perceived confusion, inconsistencies, not full assimilation of the challenge toward political than question the occurrence of this event fully explained by behavior that generated it and an abstracted society of all interest in the collective fate. The multiplicity that like a whirlwind us shakes rather resembles an anarchic outbreak to an unproductive inconsistency, to a distorted assimilation of new role citizen protagonist that has not yet matured. The Venezuelan trend to which each year coming will be worse than the previous no is It will change in 2010. This sad December has shown us what awaits us.

The whirlwind of chaos appears on the horizon like a tornado spinning threatening vision. Amalgamate the scattered parts of this social conglomerate requires even cement and the willingness of a ripening which is parsimonious, an ensure possibilities that still lies in the territory of the unknown. However, admittedly the lessons of history to indicate rapid, unforeseen, amazing cohesiones. Manichaeism of pessimism or optimism must be replaced by the attention that does not rest, by a permanent alert, so I called during this decade as an unlimited interrogation. We must ask ourselves though many of the demands do not obtain answers, given that the lack of response is by compelling to a reformulation of the terms of his release, a modification of the words we use to write them, to an alteration of the words and the syntax of phrases. The assumption of a new culture may seem a long the process and indeed it is, only that the human push leads to the determination that it is fully constituted and makes their full assimilation at a speed not subject to forecast or calculation. One should begin that forward is that it leaves, never backwards. Instead of a happy new year, escaping to the projections of the analysis I say I’ll be in 2010 with the mind set on my country, as I was in the Decade ending. It is not, I know.