Marrakech Riads

The Riads are traditional Moroccan houses located inside the old city, which usually consist of two or three floors and a courtyard. The Riads are private homes began to be restored in the 70's and offer the best opportunity to enjoy a traditional experience, exotic and authentic in the city of Marrakech, with all modern amenities and luxury. In Marrakech, the Riad is located inside the ancient walls, in the Old Town or a medinaa. Many of these old houses have been completely restored, renovated and converted into guest houses full of character and charm offering exceptional service in a fantastic re-decorated buildings and rebuilt in the traditional manner. But not all are equal and Riads is advisable to take steps to choose one that best fits your wants and needs, in order to fully enjoy your vacation in Marrakech. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice choosing the riad is right for you: 1.A a Ask your portfolio: Consider your budget and set priorities in order of hundreds of Riads Marrakech, all similar to that found in the medina, but with different prices and services offered.

You can find modest Riads offer comfortable accommodation, simple, unassuming, often full of backpackers and young travelers. Riads These are perfect for those looking to explore the city while staying in the heart of the old but its budget is modest. You'll find all the amenities and basic services for a comfortable and pleasant, but no frills or extravagant.