Malaga, A Great City

Malaga born under the Phoenician empire and has since flourished as a city beautiful and charming. Located on the Mediterranean sea and bathed in the light of an Andalusian Sol, Malaga has one of the most pleasant climates of the Iberian Peninsula. a sta has the best beaches in Andalucia scattered along the Costa del Sol, which will become a very popular tourist destination. Its friendly people, ancient monuments, culture and cuisine make it a special and enigmatic city. Until the Spanish poet himself a Nobel winner for literature and poetry, Vicente Alezandre, realized it and named it a the ciudaddel paraisoa . Malaga was the birthplace of great artists like Picasso, who was born and raised in the city until moving to La Coruna and then to Barcelona.

Today Malaga is the fifth largest city in Spain. Still, it has known the taste of a lifetime. In the capital there are plenty of remnants Moorish architecture reminiscent, but not only the city hidden treasures. Across the province there are wonders of nature and amazing beaches, fascinating mountains. The Port of Malaga is one of the most attractive because of its latent and traditional Mediterranean flavor. Near it is the shopping area, where there are plenty of shops and bars to suit all tastes.

But without a doubt, the jewel in the crown is the cathedral, known as a the manquitaa because it has a half-built tower. Sorted by Ferdinand and Isabella, took more than two centuries to finish constructed, so it has several architectural styles: Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. Another of the best sights, apart from being one the oldest in the city is the Roman amphitheater, built in the second century BC But if you want to see are remnants Moors, then the Alcazaba is the ideal place. This ancient palace of the XI century Nazarene now houses the Provincial Archaeological Museum. Also worth a visit Hostel Meson de la Victoria, which houses the Folk Museum, the Renaissance Palace of Bellavista, home to the Picasso Museum, his family home and are the Renaissance Palace of Bellavista. Andalusia is waiting with open arms. Discover the charms of southern Spain to rent for a comfortable and cheap.